Best smartphone Under 10,000 In India , 6GB RAM

 Friends, today in this post I am going to show you the best phones around Rs,10,000 in 2022, a study has revealed that phones priced at Rs, 10,000 are the most sold in India, so you also need to know which phone will be the best for you at that price. I have made the list of the following phones after a lot of research, so please read them thoroughly.

5. Infinix hot 12 pro

Infinix hot 12 pro

Under 10,000 this phone holds the fifth place, the phone comes with 6 GB RAM, 64 GB storage, along with a Unisoc processor, 6.6-inch HD+ display, dual camera setup with 50 MP and 8 MP front camera, and 5000mah battery. , the phone is capable of fulfilling all the needs of a flagship level, can be considered a great phone in this price range,

4. Samsung Galaxy M13

Samsung Galaxy M13

If you want to buy a phone under 10,000 with a good brand and a very good display, and a big battery, then this phone can be the best for you because the phone has a 6.6-inch FullHd+ large display, 4 GB RAM 64 GB storage, * processor, triple Camera setup, the new feature "auto data switch", 6000 Mah big battery which will help you to play games and other tasks all day long.

3. Redmi 10

Redmi 10

Are you a gamer or like me who likes to play a lot of games on the phone, and wants the gameplay to run without any lagging during the game, then this phone can be the best for you? The Redmi 10 phone has a 6.7-inch HD+ display, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, a Snapdragon processor which is used in flagship phones, a double camera, a large 6000mah battery, and an 18w fast charger, the phone will fulfill all your needs.

2. infinix hot 11 2022

infinix hot 11 2022

If you want to get a big display and a stylish little phone then you can get this infinix hot 11 2022 phone because the phone has 6.7-inch FullHd+ big display, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, Unisoc processor is inserted (the company says This processor should not experience any lagging when playing games). Side fingerprint, Type C charger with 5000mah big battery, overall a good phone.

1. Infinix note 12

Infinix's Note 12 is at the top of the Best phone under the 10k list. You can't think of an AMOLED display inside 10k but this phone has 6.7 inches FullHd+ AMOLED display, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage, triple rear camera, 5000 mah battery with 33w fast charging, and a MediaTek gaming processor which will improve your gaming experience. There is a side fingerprint sensor so the phone does not lack any sensors, this phone will give you the feel of a flagship phone.


Q, Are these phones all under 10,000?

Ans. yes, but if you use a card then more price will be down.

Q, Are all these phones 4G?

Ans. yes,


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